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Why Rent From Blue Oval Rentals?

blue oval rentals

Benefits of Renting From Blue Oval Rentals

There’s always something special about going to a local business for your needs. And renting a car should be no different! Our team has been renting cars in the Diamond, IL area for 20 years and pride ourselves on customer service. Thousands of customers have rented from us and we still are continuing to grow quickly.

We Have Safe Rental Vehicles

Safety is one of our top priorities. Every one of our vehicles are inspected and serviced every 5,000 miles.

Get The Best Deal On Your Rental Car

We will price match whatever car you’re looking for with our competitors just to make sure you’re getting the best deal and service

We Offer Free Additional Drivers On Your Car Rental

 We want to make sure you have a worry-free rental. If you need to have other people drive your rental car you can have additional drivers for free!

Full Travel Freedom

We want you to enjoy your rental for as long as you need it. We have a high-mileage car rental allowance that is mostly based on how often we repair our vehicles so it’s virtually unlimited The only thing we ask is that we see the car once per month or every 3,000 miles.

Save On Car Renal Insurance

Renting a car has become more expensive, especially with rising insurance costs. At Blue Oval Rentals we’ll drop our minimum to your match your insurance and minimize out of pocket expenses

More High-End Rental Vehicles

Most of our lot is made up late-model vehicles that are only a couple years old. We also have sport cars and passenger vans that most other rental companies won’t have. Come to us and you’re sure to find a car you’re looking for! On our homepage you can see the different types of vehicles in our fleet. Once you find what you’re looking for you can check our availability and start an online rental reservation.