blue oval rentals


How It Works

Making a Reservation

Select Pickup & Drop Off Dates
Start your reservation by selecting pick up date and return time. After hours pickup also available upon request.
Choose Preferred Vehicle Class
Select your preferred vehicle class and options based on inventory availability for the date range selected.
Select Additional Services & Options
Select additional services or desired options you may want, such as other drivers, insurance packages, Etc.
Confirm Details & Setup Deposit
A $200.00 security deposit to reserve the vehicle. Cancellations and refunds up to 48 hours before pickup.

“Please have a valid drivers license as well as insurance information that you’ll be using to insure the rental vehicle.”

“The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel the vehicle left with.”

“Afterhours drop-offs can be completed by ‘Scanning’ your keys into our key cafe lock box on the left side of our building”.


  1. Book online for your select dates and requested return time. (We offer afterhours pickup via our Digital Key Café system, but the customer must call in or this to be set up).
  2. Select vehicle class based on availability.
  3. Select any additional services, such as additional drivers, insurance packages, Etc.
  4. Fill in your information in the fields.
  5. Confirm pick up and drop off dates and times along with customer information.
  6. Save credit card for reservation.
  7. Customer will be charged the $200.00 security deposit to reserve the vehicle which can be refunded up to 48 hours before the reservations start time and date.