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Car Rental in Coal City

Rent A Car In Coal City 

There are many reasons to need a car rental. Whether you just had an accident, your car is in the shop, or you’re going on a vacation and don’t want to put miles on your car, you can come to Blue Oval whenever you need a cart rental in Coal City. 

We have a simple 4-step process for renting a vehicle which can be done completely from home. 

Why Choose Blue Oval?

For the 20 years our team has been renting cars, we’ve put pride in our high standards of customer service. Here are some practical reasons for what makes us different from the rest!

Price Match – We will price match whatever car you’re looking for just to make sure you’re getting the best deal and service

Free Additional Drivers – We want to make sure you have a worry-free rental. If you need to have other people drive your rental car it’ll cost nothing!

High-Milage Allowance – We want you to enjoy your rental for as long as you need it. Our mileage policy is based on how often we repair our vehicles. The only thing we ask is that we see the car once per month or every 3,000 miles.

On our homepage, you can see the different types of vehicles in our fleet. Once you find what you’re looking for you can check our availability and start an online rental reservation.

Directions to Blue Oval from Coal City

We’re only 4 minutes from McDonald’s!

  1. Head north on S. Broadway St. toward E Division St.
  2. Turn right onto IL-113 E Division St. 
  3. Turn left onto N Redmond St.
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