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Moving Truck Rental In Diamond, IL

blue oval moving truck rental

Blue Oval Moving Truck Rentals

Even though Blue Oval Rentals is known for renting trucks, vans, SUVs, and cars, we make renting moving trucks easy with our 4-step rental reservation process.


Since we’re a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer, we have a great selection of U-Haul vehicles, from vans and pickup trucks to a 26’ moving truck.


Where Is The Most Affordable Place To Rent A Truck?

For 2023, these moving companies were the most affordable: 

  • U-Haul
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Penske
  • Home Depot


U-Haul consistently ranks at the top of the list for cheapest truck rental companies. Rates start at $20.54 for a 10’ truck and up to $40.84 for the largest mover. 


U-Haul also provides 5 insurance plans at different price points to give the best opportunity for every customer to have an affordable and peaceful move.


An added convenience that U-Haul provides is the number of locations they have across the country. With an industry-leading 21,000+ locations, you get the most availability of all the competing brands.

When Is The Best Time To Rent A U-Haul?

Depending on where you’re moving to or from can impact the rental process. One of the ways to curb that factor is to pick a day that works with your schedule and gives you the best opportunity to get the truck you need. 


Typically, you’ll get the best rates when you rent from Monday through Thursday, avoiding the demand that comes with people wanting to move on the weekend. By this time of the week,  movers have already unloaded and returned their rentals. 


Moving on these days also brings an added bonus: savings! Because there’s less demand there’s a good chance you can secure even lower rental rates from U-Haul.